86 and still going strong

Introducing Len Johnson - Sore Heads (AUS)

Len Johnson (left) and son Craig (right)

Len Johnson (left) and son Craig (right)


Len is 86 years old, a widower, who lives adjacent to Pacific Dunes Golf Course near Newcastle NSW. Plays golf (badly) twice a week and attends a fitness class every Friday.

Len Johnson had never played in a rugby game until The Vintage Rugby Carnival in Canada in 2017. His son Craig then persuaded him to don yellow shorts and join in the fun for the final half of a game against some very big young men.

With fear and trepidation, he ran onto the field and the ball was soon passed to him. Amazingly the other team did the right thing and kept their distance.

The ground was very uneven and as Len neared the goal line he tripped. Everyone rushed forward to help him to his feet and asked if he needs a drink of water.

"No", he said - "I’ll have a beer."

To everyone's amazement, the ref awarded a try!

Needless to say, Len's airfare to the World Vintage Rugby Carnival in Fiji this November...

Will he don those yellow shorts again? We will see. Those Fijians are big men!

However, he is looking forward to the mateship and catching up with some old friends, which is what Vintage Rugby is all about!