Ottawa was fantastic.
Now for Fiji.

We’re heading for the tropical Pacific climes of Fiji. A land of islands, sparkling seas, beaches, sunshine and a thousand smiles to complement the rugby.

Friendly Fiji is the perfect location for the 9th global gathering of Vintage Rugby players. Fijian people have a reputation for being happy and they want you to be happy too. Smiling is second nature.  Their genuine warmth and friendliness is infectious and harmonises perfectly with our Carnival philosophy of ‘Fun, Friendship and Fraternity’.

A 7-day Carnival in paradise which includes 3 playing days, two huge social functions and some exciting optional mid-week trips. And of course, every night there will be any number of dining and social options all within walking distance of your accommodation.

The Carnival will provide the chance for teams, players and referees to enjoy games in Vintage Rugby style against teams from all over the world.  It offers the opportunity for players over the age of 35 to scrum, run and maul with their mates from around the world, one more time on and off the pitch.

The Carnival rules and playing conditions ensure all teams are offered the chance to play rugby as competitively as they wish against like-minded teams from around the world.