Puffin Billies

Perth, Western Australia



The Puffin Billies were founded by Mr. John Rodgers in 1991 and after enormous support from the Midland community managed to have a team participate in the 7th International Golden Oldies Festival which was held in Perth. Known then as the Midland Golden Oldies Rugby Club, its initial headquarters was the Junction Hotel. Parked across the road from the Junction, was an old steam locomotive which fired the imagination for the team name. The Puffin Billies have been going strong since.

In 1996, the Mundaring Shire granted a lease at Brown Park, Swan View, which included a clubroom and sports field and has been our “HOME” ever since. We “train” on Wednesday evenings and while training is not a pre requisite to play it is a good idea as it helps to provide a regular level of fitness, the chance to catch up with the guys, or to gloat over any rugby news with someone that cares.

Over the years we have had members from Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Wales, England and Fiji attending and playing on availability basis. Jinwaku Golden Oldies Rugby Club from Japan is the Puffin Billies sister club.

International tours are regular events and since its first Golden Oldies festival in 1991, the Puffers have travelled to Argentina, Brisbane, Christchurch, Edinburgh, Ireland, Queensland, Japan, Sydney, Toronto Wellington and Wales. For World Vintage Rugby, we have also attended Queenstown and Perth. Fiji and Denver are now in our sights for 2019 and 2020 respectively.